Director of Licensing

Position Charter The Licensing Division is the entry point for the Board's mission to ensure that only qualified physician and acupuncturists are licensed to practice in Massachusetts and to support an environment which maximizes the availability of high quality health care in the Commonwealth.    The Director of Licensing has a challenging role in ensuring that applicants are qualified and competent to practice safely in the Commonwealth. The Director of Licensing is responsible for overseeing all aspects of licensing physicians and acupuncturists, as the licensure process is the single most important source of physician and acupuncturist data.  The Director of Licensing is a member of the Senior Management Team and participates in recommendations concerning regulatory policy and process decisions. The position reports to the Executive Director of the Board of Registration in Medicine. Principal Responsibilities 1) Oversees the direction of the Licensing Division to ensure that the goals are     consistent with the agency goals and objectives.   2) Oversees the scheduling and function of the Licensing Committee Meetings;     ensure meetings and subject matter are in compliance with the Board?s       Regulations, statutes and Open Meeting Law; provide guidance and advice as      appropriate to the Committee members;  3) Oversees the scheduling and function of the quarterly Committee on     Acupuncture (COA) Meetings; ensure meetings and subject matter are in      compliance with the Board's Regulations, statutes and Open Meeting Law;     provide guidance and advice as appropriate to the Committee members;  4) Oversees the security of revenue received in the agency to ensure that      reconciliation reports are timely and accurate.  5) Oversees the direction of the licensing process to ensure that initial full and     limited license applications and renewals are processed in accordance with the     Board's procedures, policies, regulations and statutes.   6) Develops policies and proposes regulation revisions to comply with legislative     and healthcare policy changes.  7) Oversees the technological development of enhanced on- line renewal systems     for the transition to a paperless online licensing system. 8) Develops performance improvement standards for Licensing Division staff to     support organizational excellence and encourages development of employee     professional growth.  9) Represents the Licensing Division and Agency at professional meetings,     including the Massachusetts Association of Medical Staff Services (MAMSS);       the annual Limited License orientation and the Federation of      State Medical Boards (FSMB meetings). Participates in outreach activities as      required.                                   10) Liaison with the Division of Law and Policy; reviews legal and other staff        submissions to the Licensing Committee, COA and the Board.  11) Implements and tracks performance metrics in ensuring that applicants are        timely licensed in accordance with the statutes and regulations.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Required Experiences 1) A degree in health care or related field with at least 5 years?experience in healthcare and/or regulatory fields 2) Minimum of three years in a managerial role 3) Demonstrated leadership qualities in promoting process change. 4) Experience interfacing with demanding clientele and executive level professionals 4) Working knowledge of physician education, certification and training.
Salary Range: $100K - $110K
Minimum Qualification
5 - 7 years

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